First Sigh

by Beastial Rage

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released November 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Beastial Rage Budapest, Hungary

The project "Beastial Rage" has founded at the middle of 2013 as a one-man metal band. The creator's goal is to create all of the music, graphics, studio stuff, mastering etc... on his own.

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Track Name: Ethe-Real?
Look around,
Our world seems to sick
Blunt pain covers
The Decay of humanity

We’re alone
The Gods and Devils are all dead
On our own
With the feelings we wish to forget

Look at yourself
Your world seems to collapse
Pray and pay the price
The ingorance we regret

Look at the sky
The sun cast shadows behind us
Sooner or later
Even the stars will blows out

If you had another chance
Would you be the same again?
Would you escape, or would you take the pain?
If you had a second chance,
Would you like, to start again,
Would you be the part of the Machine?
Track Name: Synthetized
I've burned my nightmares last night
I've buried all of my fears
Let this silent rain from Heavens
Wash down the tears

Just wanted to find the source
The reason,the fate of us all
The reachless limits of our soul

To climb so high and dive so deep
Fly far to leave all lies behind
To create a new world
From the fragments of our mind

We won’t respect the old rules anymore
We have banished the dancing sadness from our soul
We have burned all the sorrow of yesterday
Synthetized our new dimensions, we’re ready to fly away

Just wanted to change the fate of us all
And to create a world without tears
Can’t believe that only the Hell waits us in this life
If the Heaven doesn’t exist, create it instead of God

There are no understandable secrets in this world.
Try to understand: you’re your own savior
You have the power to build a better world and override your destiny
Track Name: Zen
Fall away, from the soil
Get away...
Fly away with your soul
Stay away…

...To the Point of No Return
Leave this world behind
Let the emptyness fill your mind
Find your peace in your nothingness

Let it go…
Let this flow
Let me go…
Until I wanish in the universe
Track Name: The Voodoo-doll strikes back
I don’t want to be yours
I don’t want to obey
I’m not dark like your soul
I just want be free

I will take back what’s mine
I will take back my soul
I will rise from my
And I will fly again

I won't be your slave anymore
I won’t be the part of your plans
I will release my anger that drowns me
I will be free, you will se me again

Nothing chokes me more, than this pain
That you forced me to destroy
I have to see all of the tears
What we’ve ever caused